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 Who is Jacob?

Capturing your beauty & art with my lens

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 I consider myself a world's citizen who loves making photographs.  

My passion for this art started when my brother lent me his AE-1 when I was barely a teenager (12 to be exact).  Since then, thousands of clicks have been my "partners in crime".  I am privileged for being able to have photography as part of my world.

I want to thanks all the models that have been part of my adventure for letting me capture their essence and inner beauty!  Special thanks to everyone who is featured here!  Looking forward to continuing this incredible journey with those who believe that a picture is the best way to keep a piece of their lives forever!

Love and peace for all!

Capturing the essence of my subjects in every picture, so that everybody will see not only an image but an artwork with a soul and a story.

Improving with every shot, knowing that every day offers an opportunity to learn something new.

Embrace creativity, innovation, and uniqueness, to pursue a never-ending learning, upon the continuous improvement of my skills on the field.

As I am passionate about what I do, love is all around it!  Such love makes my work unique.